Meet The Team

Mary Smith

Mary Smith

Mary Smith is the Office Manager and the Front Desk Chiropractic Health Assistant at Malpass Family Chiropractic.  She has been working with Dr. Malpass for 27 years.  She is a friendly face to greet New Patients, listen and answer questions and reassure all those who enter the doors.

Mary has lived in Ancaster all her life and together with her husband, Stan has raised four sons.  They have blessed her with four grandchildren who have been chiropractic patients since birth.

She lives the chiropractic lifestyle, is an avid gardener and excellent cook.   Mary  believes that if children had the opportunity of chiropractic care early in their lives, they would be able to avoid problems  that so many adults face.  “With Dr. Malpass’ Certification in Pediatrics, I have seen numerous patients benefit from her expertise over the years, ranging from colic to ear infections to A.D.H.D. and scoliosis.”


Tracy Alkerton

Tracy Alkerton is our second Front Desk Chiropractic Health Assistant. She also performs the neural therm and EMG scans that are routinely done to assess for changes that occur in the spine due to lifestyle stressors. Patients young and old feel at ease in our office due to Tracy’s friendly and professional manner.

Tracy and her husband Chuck have three children. The eldest Mathew, works in Toronto for an insurance company. Their daughter Samantha works for MaBe Canada (General Electric) and their youngest son Brandon is in his third year at Lakehead University.

Tracy enjoys recreational sports and encourages everyone to stay active. “A healthy spine helps keep you in a healthy lifestyle.”