Dr. Sandra J. Malpass has been married since 1986. She has three children – two daughters and a son. She comes from a Chiropractic-minded family with two brothers, a cousin and a nephew who are also Chiropractors.

Dr. Malpass has maintained a family practice in the village core of Ancaster since 1990 – enabling the health of families from pediatric to geriatric.

She has been a healing member of the community since opening her practice.  Dr. Malpass has volunteered at local schools, fund-raised extensively for various causes and supported local hockey, baseball and dance teams by donating her time in taking care of these athletes as well as providing sponsorship.

Dr. Malpass earned her Advanced Proficiency rating in Activator in 1997 the same year she obtained her pediatric specialist. 

She maintains her Advanced Activator rating and keeps current listening to podcasts, taking on-line courses, masterminding with colleagues and the many seminars she attends.