February 12, 2020 was my 30th Anniversary in Ancaster. I opened my doors with a boombox playing Harry Chapin, answering the phone, booking appointments, taking payment and, of course, adjusting patients. My how times have changed!

As the little town of Ancaster has grown, so has my family. Alison, at age 25, after graduating from the University of Windsor and Conestoga College for HR Management, is now in South Korea, teaching English as a Second Language. She has found her niche and is embracing her role as a teacher, taking lessons to learn the language and going all out with her lesson plans. There also is an embracing of travel. She is currently in Bangkok, after touring Bali and Thailand. Nothing like FaceTime. We talk more to her now than when she lived at home! She has made many friends and has matured beautifully.

Carlye, who is 22 and while attending the University of Ottawa, fell in love with the city. She is working for the National Campus Life Network, which is a pro-life organization. She is still heavily involved with the Catholic Christian Outreach, which she joined as a student and is  participating in bible studies and other related Catholic events. Carlye is a thoughtful, kind person and has good friends and even better roommates. She is making the most of what Ottawa has to offer, with festivals and concerts, picnics and skiing. No skating on the Rideau Canal, as all of us would like to forget about that short-lived, painful to watch part of her past!

Lachlan just turned 19 and is in the Aviation Program at Conestoga. He completed his first solo flight (successfully, I’ll add!) and will be a commercial pilot by the time he is 21. He is enjoying living away from home, although does visit regularly for chiropractic adjustments, and yes, for me to do his laundry! Lachlan is intelligent, quiet and polite. He still snowboards and works out at the gym. He, like my other children, has a large group of friends and will be moving out of residence and into a house with three other boys in the spring. Washing machine included.

John, who retired from 34 years of teaching in 2018, has two new careers. One, as a courtesy car driver for a Ford dealership and two, more importantly, as you all know, my new Front Desk Man a.k.a. Chiropractic Assistant. Under the guidance of Mary, John is thriving in his new role. To say he is enjoying his new job and loving every patient, is an understatement. He works part-time, so he can still golf, work out, read and travel. Best decision I ever made was to say “I Do” 33 years ago.

My long-time Chiropractic Assistant, Mary Smith walked into my practice in 1990, six weeks after I opened, and introduced herself to me. 30 years later and she is still going strong. Mary is a happy and welcoming presence in my practice.  She continues to learn, mastering new Chiropractic and billing systems. Always organized, she is leading my staff. Water fitness classes keep her active and mobile. Mary loves to read and spend time with family. Her grandchildren bring endless joy to her life, as do her sons and their partners. Not to mention Stan, who has been married to Mary for over 52 years.

The newest staff addition is Joy. Joy has been a long-time patient, starting with me soon after I opened my doors. She brings a fresh, smiling face to the back office! She has three children and a grandson on the way.

What has Ancaster meant to Malpass Family Chiropractic? Aside from the blessing of meeting Mary Smith, who has become one of my dearest friends, I will tell you:

1. Meeting, connecting with and adjusting thousands of patients over the years to improve function and quality of life and being an integral part of the healing process.

2. Ability to contribute to the community through fundraising for charity, donating my time and services to local sports teams.

3. Being part of a community

4. Raising my family here

5. Friendship

6. Loyalty

6. Allowing me to live the life of my dreams

Thank you Ancaster!