February 12, 2018 as I celebrate my 28th year in Ancaster (my 32nd year in practice), here is a brief version of all the happenings at Malpass Family Chiropractic.
From turning babies who are Breech through a specialized Webster technique to correcting spinal misalignments in children so their nervous system is clear and  ears can be free of infection and hearing is restored  to adjusting generations of families to performing timely Patient Examinations and Re-examinations and Yearly Exams as mandated by my College to following the College of Chiropractors of Ontario regulations by attending seminars on Philosophy and Technique, coaching calls bi-weekly to attending monthly  local Chiropractic Society meetings to fundraising for SCRF to participating in the Ancaster Mill Walk with patients, family and friends to the  CMCC Backs in Motion 5K  for the third year in a row with classmates to our 12 Days of Christmas Giving Back Celebration in the office  to skiing, swimming, biking, golf lessons and weekly adjustments, it  has been a busy year.
My family continues to grow up (funny how that happens!). Lachlan is driving, finishing Grade 11, Carlye is in her third and final year at the University of Ottawa in Political Sciences and Alison received her Human Resources Management Certificate from Conestoga College in Kitchener. All three are unique, thoughtful  individuals contributing to society in their own special way. Our family trip this year was to Chicago where together we enjoyed all that magnificent city has to offer. To celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary, John and I vacationed in Myrtle Beach with good friends of ours. It is official. John is retiring in June. After 34 years of changing the lives of so many students, his teaching days are coming to an end.
Both Mary Smith and Tracy Alkerton are lifelong residents of Ancaster where Mary and Stan have raised their four sons and Tracy and Chuck their two sons and a daughter. 28 years ago, when I opened my practice in Ancaster, Mary heard about a new young (her words) Chiropractor who had set up in the Village core. The rest, they say is history. Tracy was first introduced to MFC as a patient over eighteen years ago. Impressed with the care she received, Tracy knew this was where she wanted to work.
Mary’s philosophy is that children and Chiropractic go hand in hand for health. She has raised her now grown sons in this model and today her grandchildren have the benefits of wellness through  healing hands. Tracy enjoys playing volleyball and believes if you are searching for optimal health, experiencing an injury or recurring low back pain, Chiropractic can help you achieve your wellness goals. Together Mary and Tracy work towards having every patient leave our office in a better place than when they came in.
Our goal at MFC is to improve function and quality of life. Due to lifestyle stressors (from daily activities to accidents and falls to poor diets and unhealthy environments), spinal alignment is affected. Spinal joint motion is impacted resulting in altered muscle activity, muscle balance and nerve function. The overall affect can be seen in your posture – forward bent head, rounded shoulders, one hip lower than the other and one leg appearing shorter as your body tries to adapt to the environment.  Chiropractic care has been proven to improve posture and maintain spinal balance. As you continue with your Chiropractic adjustments, you will visibly notice postural improvement that can be supported and maintained with regular care and tips to optimize all the good that has been accomplished.  And if it has been some time since your last adjustment, come on in, re-connect with us at Malpass Family Chiropractic and find out what your posture is trying to tell you about how your body is functioning.
As ever, I am honoured to be your Chiropractor and thank you for the endless opportunities you present me with.
Dr. Sandra J. Malpass