Another year has passed at Malpass Family Chiropractic.  The year from February 12, 2016 to February 12, 2017 has flown by.  Our web-site was updated early in the year, as well as our appointment booking and billing system. I participated for the second time in the 5km Backs in Motion Walk to raise money for the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (C.M.C.C.) with my class-mate Dr. Catherine Straus.  A very rainy, cold day enabled us to better our time from the year before.  I spent time during the  year having potential chiropractic students observe me in practice and watching how an efficient chiropractic practice is run.  We raised money for Sanfilippo Children’s Research Foundation with our SHOW YOUR LOVE fundraiser.  With your generous help, we sent over $5,000.00 to the Research Foundation to find a cure or treatment for the devastating degenerative disorder, Sanfilippo syndrome.  Along with family, friends and many patients, sporting our bright blue Malpass Family Chiropractic t-shirts, we took part in the Ancaster Mill Race/Walk.  We plan on getting a group together again for this June’s walk, so stay tuned!  I volunteered with the Ancaster Business Improvement Association Heritage Days weekend and commemorated my 30th anniversary from C.M.C.C. with classmates in Toronto early June.  I continue to stay active walking, cycling, swimming and golfing and in fact, took part in my first ever 18-hole golf tournament.

John and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in October and enjoyed a trip to beautiful Bermuda to mark the milestone.  He is still teaching in Dundas, and mostly enjoying every day at work!  He will eventually retire, knowing what a contribution he has made to the lives of so many students.  Playing bass and guitar in the band Men in Black Tees, golfing, walking, swimming and skiing keeps him young.  Alison graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Windsor.  She is now living in Kitchener, taking a one-year Human Resources Management course at Conestoga College.  She has found her niche at the age of 22 and is doing well.  Carlye turned 19 and is in her second year at the University of Ottawa, living in an apartment with seven other girls.  She has been volunteering with Filomena Tassi, the Liberal MP from this area and will work again this summer at Valens Conservation.  Lachlan turned 16 and has his G1 license.  He continues to play hockey, to golf and has a real passion for skiing.  He started a part-time job at Fortinos in Ancaster, so be sure to stop by The Carvery to say “hello” and mention that you know his mother!  All three children are happy, polite, thoughtful and socially conscious.  I am proud of all of them. Our family trip this year was to New York City in July.   We toured the island by boat, went to museums and art galleries, shopped, walked through Central Park and had wonderful meals and good conversation.

Mary Smith has been with me since I opened my practice in 1990, still managing the office and is the friendly face at the front desk who answers your questions knowledgeably with patience and reassurance. Mary has lived in Ancaster all her life and together with her husband, Stan has raised four sons who have blessed her with four grandchildren.  Mary and Stan will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this summer.  She believes that if children had the opportunity of chiropractic care early in their lives, especially with Dr. Malpass’ certification in Pediatrics, they would be able to avoid the many problems adults have.

Tracy Alkerton is going on eleven years at Malpass Family Chiropractic.  She performs the scans that are done routinely to assess for changes in the spine due to lifestyle stressors.  Tracy puts patients young and old at ease with her friendly and professional manner.  Tracy and Chuck have three children.  Their oldest son works and lives in Toronto, their daughter works and lives in Hamilton and their youngest son is finishing his third year at Lakehead University. Tracy enjoys recreational sports and is convinced that a healthy spine keeps you in a healthy lifestyle.

I am still listening to podcasts on a wide range of topics. Monthly, I attend the Halton-Peele Chiropractic Society program with colleagues and semi-monthly have a coaching call with one of my mentors.  I regularly go to seminars to keep current and hone my adjusting skills.  As well, I continue meeting with colleagues for coffee, lunch or dinner to discuss what is relevant today in the world of Chiropractic.

As always, I am honoured to be your Chiropractor.  Chiropractic is a virtuous profession that has changed my life.  As I enter my thirtieth year of practice (twenty-seven of them here in Ancaster), I never fail to be amazed how chiropractic care and regular adjustments continue to improve function and quality of life enabling a person to be the best they possibly can be physically, mentally and socially.